Altrusian Moon - A Lo​-​Fi Collection Of Psychedelia and Space Rock

by Sleestak



A collection of improvised jam sessions from the Sleestak archives. It's free but we have a "Name Your Own Price" if you would like to support the band. All money raised will go to funding the next studio album.

Cover art by Matt Schmitz.
Anyways, turn it up and drop out for awhile with your headphones on. It's just like sitting in on one of our late summer night practices, with a few beers and a few buds.


After their glorious album last year, “Fall of Altrusia”, SLEESTAK, return with their 3rd full length. If there was a term progressive doom SLEESTAK could easily claim ownership especially with their album “Fall of Altrusia”. Their two first albums were heavy, dirty, sludgy but trippy and calm at the same time, so trust me when I say that this band has a unique, very personal sound. Their 3rd album is a bit different though. To be honest I am not quite sure if the band sees “Altrusian Moon” as their real 3rd full length or as a bonus for their fans.

This is an underproduced, unmastered, very rough and low-fi recording. In some cases you will even encounter some errors which gladly aren’t enough to spoil the trip. The term trip is used on purpose here. The style is definitely less heavy than “Skylon Express”. Actually this is the least metal work of the band as the record has a clear psychedelic approach. In this one the band gladly exposes some of their Hawkwind, Yawning Man/ space meets desert influences.

The amazing vocals of the previous two releases are completely absent here. Although I am a huge fan the psych meets brutal style of vocals I tend to agree that in this particular case the album is better off.

Most songs flow in the trippy way of the “Enik’s Lamnet” from their debut “Skylon Express” but with a somehow less tight structure. Indeed, this record may remind you of a 70’s band free jam sessions.

To be honest I always thought that SLEESTAK have a deep respect for the psychedelic side of things but it is very surprising to see how much soul these guys put on it. In a way this album presents a side of the band I never considered so strong.

“Altrusian Moon” will offer some weird, trippy moments to the fans of the band. If you think that space trips are not that cool though, I definitely recommend starting from the “Fall of Altrusia” record, move to “Skylon Express” and then come to “Altrusian Moon”. I guarantee that by then you will already be a fan of the band and this album will sound more like a missing piece of a puzzle. This album completes the description of one of the most talented bands in the underground scene at the moment.


released January 1, 2012


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