Skylon Express

by Sleestak

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Neachy Epic blend of heavy ass melodic riffs and droney spaced out jams. Would love to get some more Sleestak. Favorite track: Angela.
Michael F.
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Michael F. Looking for some fresh face-ripping jams? Look no further..Seemlessly transitioning metal incarnations from doom to stoner to blackened death metal and back, SLEESTAK are a crushing aural kick to the balls. Abundantly cool and well off the beaten path, SLEESTAK shreds the meat off the bones than beats your ass with the remnants when your not looking. Rock your face off friends...
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ I'm not usually one for growled vocals but the vocals on here have more of an Opeth feel about them so are less harsh on my sensitive ears.Other than that this is a fine album of doom/stoner tunes played by a great band. Favorite track: Library Of Skulls.
Cameron Crichton
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Cameron Crichton "Ask the Skulls!" This album is relentlessly great... and not just because it's themed on my favourite tv show. Favorite track: Library Of Skulls.
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The first official Sleestak release. Originally intended as two EPs: "Library Of Skulls" and "Skylon Express", now combined as one full length album. This is free but also a "Name Your Price" download for those who wish to support the band directly.

Cover art by Matt Schmitz

Praise for "Skylon Express" :

"Definitely a good one to listen to when passing a fatty around with your best buds (pun intended)."
- Heavy Planet

"Wow, who places a weird Spacerock synth effect four sickingly heavy Stockholm-style Death Metal chords into what could have been an Entombed opus? Alternately, what group of musicians transition into an extended spaced-out Stoner Rock jam in the middle of what could have clearly been a Dismember song… about astronauts coping with existential, cosmic loneliness? Apparently, that’s the calling card of Milwaukee’s Sleestak who are, to their credit, whipping a vapor trial all their own as they drag Death Metal, Doom, Sludge, Heavy Psyche and Space Rock screaming out of the stratosphere behind them. They reside in their own dark part of the cosmos, I have to hand it to them. "
-Hellride Music

"The music is certainly enjoyable in and of itself… but I will be honest, the band scores some bonus points from me for taking a treasured part of my childhood and using it as the concept behind some interesting music. The music is every bit as heavy as some of the concepts integral to the plot of the show were."

"The lush tones of ‘Skylon Express’ conjures a mind altering, drug hazed blend of psychedelic doom fused rock that grabs you from the opening chords. This release is a heady cocktail of space rock that recalls the acid fried sounds of classic Monster Magnet colliding with the doom laden crunch of the original era Black Sabbath in a free flowing retro jam."
-The Sleeping Shaman


released May 10, 2010


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