The Fall Of Altrusia

by Sleestak

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canucklehead sleestak: a band and musical effort based on an obscure tv show. its crushing. poetic, nerdtastic. i love sleestak and everything matt does. in a better world sleestak would be like wild stallions from bill & teds Favorite track: Chapter 6 – The Marshall Prophecy.
Zhakathoom thumbnail
Zhakathoom Ever since I hear the muffled twinklings of Sleestak's demotape track "spherical realms of Anstar" I was lost. I've been waiting for a studiorelease of the tune ever since.. Favorite track: Chapter 5 – Disturbance of the Coccoon.
AM thumbnail
AM Still one of my favorite albums from start to finish! Its like one long track where every song flows into the next with no breaks, kinda like Darkside of the Moon. The slower hypnotic grooves are amazing and addictive but are nicely balanced with crushing heavy riffs! A magnum opus!!! Awesome!!! Favorite track: Chapter 2 - Exiled From The City.


The 50-minute epic doom/psych masterpiece back in stock and now also available as a digital download! The download comes with the featured disc art/lyrics/credits.

Praise for "The Fall Of Altrusia" :

"If you imagine ISIS, Monster Magnet, Pink Floyd, Mastodon and Black Sabbath forming a Supergroup for one album only then this would be the end result. It is simply sublime but all in the original way that only SLEESTAK can pull off. This album just sent chills up my spine every time I have listened to it. And I have listened to it non-stop in the last couple of days. I can't recommend this brilliant album enough. SLEESTAK deserve as much fame and fortune they can get with this extraordinary release. A truly defining moment of Sludge/Doom Metal Music has arrived. This is one of the best records I have heard this year."
- Sludgelord (Jul 12, 2011)

"Every so often, as a fan of underground stoner/doom/post metal/whatever, an album and a band will come along that make you sit up and mutter to yourself "Fuck me, this is something special".Today my friends, that band is Sleestak , and the album is the sublime, stunning , 'The Fall Of Altrusia'. Rating: 9/10"
- Born Again Nihilist (Aug 12, 2011)

"I am sure this album will be on 'your must-have' list already but be ready to be blown away by the expansiveness and the depth that this album has to offer. ATTENTION; Fans of psychedelic rock, progressive rock and heavy-music fans who love albums with a concept behind them - Your album has arrived....Don't let this one pass you by...10/10"
- Doommantia (Jun 14, 2011)

"Honestly this is epic. That word can be bandied about a lot when talking about bands writing progressive, concept music, but I’m not casually throwing this in as a lightweight descriptor. This is EPIC, Lord Of The Rings 2 disc extended edition epic and it is wonderful for the overblown indulgence they have dedicated to it’s creation."
-The Sleeping Shaman (Jul 24, 2011)

"Sleestak's "The Fall of Altrusia" is outstanding and has completely taken me by surprise. It is exactly what I want in a "concept album". From the moment the first notes graced my ears, I was captivated. Sleestak fuses hulking grooves with cosmic psychedelia."
- Heavy Planet (Nov 12, 2011)

"The Fall Of Altrusia by Sleestak is an album that you need to hear. It will take you away from your day to day grind for as long as you need it to, and it will do so with a fearsome smile all over its green-skinned, scaly face. Remember, it’s not just an album. It’s a journey. Buckle up!"
- The Ripple Effect (Oct 12, 2011)

"It appears to me that SLEESTAK is powered by a strong creative force. They have created an authentic and organic album which doesn't fit in any drawer. For me 'The Fall Of Altrusia' is one of the positive surprises of 2011. Highly recommended to open-minded fans of heavy music."
- Cosmic Lava (Oct 8, 2011)


released June 17, 2011

Produced by Shane Olivo and Sleestak at Bobby Peru's Recording Studio, Milwaukee, WI.



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