The Light Beyond The Stars

by Matthew Schmitz



Matthew Schmitz - The Light Beyond The Stars. NEW FOR 2019 - the third solo album from Matthew Schmitz entitled The Light Beyond The Stars is a collection of original acoustic ambient folk songs. Extremely laid back and relaxing, TLBTS features intimate compositions perfect for relaxing in the summer evening twilight, or autumn's morning mist. Ideal music for sleep or to meditate. The music draws upon spontaneous arrangements, ideas, and motifs that embody the subtle emotions connected to visions, dreams, and memories. Available now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and more!

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Altrusian Grace Media presents guided meditations, ambient soundscapes and music, ASMR, and spoken word videos to help you deprogram from the matrix of everyday Reality. Achieve peace, well-being, learn to center yourself and shut off your internal dialogue. Free your mind, Free your soul. Synchronicity is all around. Awaken to a new existence as we bring you unique content. Relax, Sleep, Study, or Meditate to our original creations for the Spirit and Mind. From soft spoken vision quests to the sounds of peaceful summer nights to experiments in ambient music - we have the audio medicine for you!

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released June 24, 2019

All music written and performed by Matt Schmitz.
Mixed and mastered by Matt Schmitz at House Of The Rising Sun Studio, Hartford, WI.


all rights reserved


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